7 Hydrating Moisturizer for Dry Skin that works (Winters)

Winters are quite challenging for our skin especially for the folks with dry skin. Keeping up with the good health of your skin in winters can be arduous at times.  

 Dry skin and moisturizers go hand in hand no doubt but choosing the right one is important and should be done precisely.

A moisturizer is forever favored no matter what season of the year it is. Dry skin leads to skin conditions such as Atopic eczema, psoriasis, skin redness, and rashes which can be tiring at times.  

7 Hydrating Moisturizer for Dry Skin that works (Winters)

Goopy, buttery, greasy creme-based moisturizers are beneficial in such cases. Opting for a cream or lotion-based moisturizer is highly advisable.  

Ingredients play a significant role when it comes to picking up an ideal skincare product for your skin concern.

 Not all the ingredients work great for your skin and hence we will discuss ingredients to possibly avoid while buying a moisturizer for dry skin.  

If you desire healthy supple baby soft skin these winters and want to get rid of tight and sandpaper textured skin here are few points to avoid while choosing an ideal moisturizer for your skin type.  

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Ingredients to avoid

  • Alcohol:  

Alcohols are a big no when it comes to choosing the right product. A wide range of alcohols is used in skincare products especially in moisturizers to make the product feel lighter on your skin and for the other ingredients to penetrate better into your skin.

Alcohols such as ethanol, methanol, isopropyl should possibly be avoided when you make your next purchase.  

  • Fragrance:

Artificial fragrances can be harsh on your skin and make your skin feel more rough and tight.  

Dry skin demands moisturizers all day long and using a heavily scented product can be annoying and harsh at the same time.  

  • Sulfates:

 Sulfates are proven to be highly effective in washing away oil and in the case of dry skin it would make your skin extremely dry and parched.  

It clogs pores and may also lead to acne it can also cause redness and itching. Especially ones with eczema should avoid products that contain sulfate.  

  • Dyes:  

Moisturizers are generally constructed to penetrate inside your skin and artificial dyes when absorbed into the skin can lead to redness, irritation, cause inflammation, and block pores.  

Pretty colored skincare may look tempting to your eyes but unfortunately be not so good for your skin. Particularly red dyes are more likely to irritate the skin.  

Artificial dyes also trigger existing skin conditions such as eczema and lead to allergic reactions.  

Finding appropriate products can be a hustle but let’s make it simpler. Mentioned below are a few of the ingredients to look out for before purchasing a moisturizer for dry skin.  

Ingredients to include

  • Hyaluronic acid:

Hyaluronic acid can prove to help mitigate dry skin. A moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid can be extremely helpful as it pulls moisture from the air into the skin.  

  • Ceramides:  

It helps your skin retain its moisture and makes it supple and soft.  

  • Plant oils:  

Plant oils generally prevent moisture from evaporating from the skin keeping it hydrated. It gets easily absorbs into the skin leaving it healthy.  

  • Aloe vera:

It is widely knowing for its soothing and healing properties. Getting a skincare product with aloe vera is a win-win.  

There are more beneficial skincare ingredients such as Shea Butter, Glycerin, Vitamin B.\  

With all that said let’s explore 8 hydrating moisturizers that are easy on the pocket and also leave your skin baby soft.  

1 . Plum E-Luminence Deep Moisturizing Crème.

51PwUvYM5oL. SX569 The Pixie Life              Buy on Amazon

Plum E-Luminence Deep Moisturizing Crème is a 24 hrs intense hydrating formula that treats normal, dry, very dry skin.  

It claims to repair and nourish the skin resulting in a radiant glow. It is a smooth textured rich cream formula that merges beautifully into the skin.  

Packed with ingredients such as Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, Kokum Butter, and 12 exclusive plant nutrients that provide bouncy glowing skin.  

It’s a 100% vegan product and is not tested on animals. Holding all the beautiful qualities it is also a paraffin-free, paraben-free, mineral oil, and silicone-free product. Easy on the pocket and runs for a long period of time.  

2. Pond’s Light Moisturiser

51KlXIPm1PL. SX569 1 The Pixie Life                Buy on Amazon

This product is literally all over the internet for its super pocket-friendly price and best results. Beneficial for your skin all the year-round.  

This water-based product is a lightweight formula that gets absorbed into the skin really quickly and is enriched with Vitamin E which is nourishing for your face and your body as well.  

Contains SPF 15 to protect your skin from sun damages. Enriched with glycerine it is an amazing product to heal dry skin and can be used as a makeup base for a dewy finish.  

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3. Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel, Quick Absorption| Intensive Moisturization

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This gel to oil-based formula claims to provide moisturization all day long that restores the dry skin into healthy and hydrated skin.  

Non-comedogenic and can be used by folks with sensitive skin as well. Packed up with incredible ingredients such as glycerine, shea butter, camomile, urea, and Vitamin B3 that is soothing for dry skin-related issues and is highly effective for redness, parched skin, and rashes.  

Brands allege to show results within just 2 days of its usage. This drugstore brand is super cost-friendly and good for the skin.  

4. Aveeno Skin Relief Lotion For Sensitive Skin, White

51yJ6j ZL1L. SX569 The Pixie Life                 Buy on Amazon

Dermatologist recommended product is great for sensitive skin. Contains oatmeal that can maintain the pH level of your skin preventing and protecting it from getting parched.  

It is clinically tested for itchy, and dehydrated skin also recommended for eczema and other skin-related conditions.  

Gentle on the skin as it is free of fragrance and steroids. Natural shea butter and oat oil provide long-lasting nourishment.  

5. Bioderma Atoderm Creme Ultra-Nourishing Cream  

71GlBdfLbvL. SY606 The Pixie Life                                           Buy on Amazon

A paraben and fragrance-free product that is suitable for sensitive to very dry skin. Can be used by all skin types. Recommended for all age groups.  

This is a hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic product. Rich formula that glides on smoothly and nourishes the healthy state of the skin.  

It relieves itching and skin irritation which are common with dry skin.  

6. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Face Moisturizer Gel-Cream  

81wNmR0dB8L. SX569 1 1 The Pixie Life                               Buy on Amazon

A gel-based formula containing hyaluronic acid is incredible for dry to extra dry skin.  

Product claims to lock hydration within the skin cell for almost 24 hrs and retain moisture for 48hrs. This gel leaves your skin radiant and supple.  

It is a dermatologist recommended product that is free from artificial dye and fragrance and is also non-comedogenic.  

7. Cetaphil Moisturising Cream

51sLyXHGPeL. SX569 The Pixie Life                                 Buy on Amazon

Cetaphil is well known for its gentle and healing nature. This fragrance-free product provides instant hydration as it locks water into the skin cells.  

It is a dermatologist-recommended product that is non-comedogenic in nature. Contains ingredients such as sweet almond oil and Vitamin E that retain skin moisture that provides an immediate and long-lasting effect.    

That was all about the best moisturizers for the face and body for dry skin. Moisturizing skin is great but dampen your skin before applying for smoother application.  

Comment down below your experience with any of the products mentioned in the article above.  







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