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Wondering what nail color to pick or what nail art to choose when you sit down for a manicure next time? Well, ladies, I have got you the most trending nail art of this season that probably every girl wants to paint down on her nails.

The marble nail art trend is in! Marbling is an art of painting or printing multi-colored stone-like or swirled patterns on fabric or paper but believe me taking this art to your nails will probably be the best thing you will do this season.  

If you are a nail art neophyte(beginner) then the marble nail trend is just for you as it is so easy and convenient. These uncomplicated nail art designs are beginner-friendly.  



[wpvideo s6lvKbLL]


Well, I am not a manicurist but I do have an idea of how this trendy marble nail art is done. It’s just mixing up of nail paints and swirling them. So let’s take a look at how it’s done.  

  • Take a bowl and fill it with water.
  • Dropdown your favorite nail colors. (2 or 3 shades)
  • Take a skewer or toothpick and swirl up the colors in the water. (make sure not to over mix).
  • Apply base color on your nail or just dip down your nude nails in the marble water.
  • Take your fingers off the water and remove excess paint.
  • Finish off with a clear coat and voila! You are ready to slay marble nail art.  

Now you might have got an idea of how to DIY the marble art. Let’s take a look at 8 marvelous Instagram worthy marble nail art, so read on and make sure to thank me later.  






Image Courtesy:@deladaisy.nail

If you are bored with the basic solid nail colors spice up your manicure with a dash of glitter. It is always fun to dazzle up your plain outfit along with a spark of glitter.  

Glitters go great with bold dark shades and also light pastel shades the possibilities here are endless. You just need a few glitter based nail paints or glitter dust to get this amazing glittery marble art.  





Image Courtesy:@bramptonnailsbyhazel

Have you got long nails and are planning to try the marble nail art? This marble tip thing is something you should certainly look up to.  

Keep your lower part of nails nude or bare and being artistic on the topmost part of your nails is what this trend is all about. The best part about this is you can create a marble effect with just 1 nail color.  

Yes! You heard that right a single color will give you this amazing marble effect but do not forget to apply a base coat.    



101651904_181925213206684_5340715420511404345_nImage Courtesy:@riajadenails

Have you ever admired the green marble effect on a jade roller? If not just pull out your jade roller from your vanity box and take a look at how beautiful it is.  

Well, having the same effect on your nails will be amazing don’t you think? The jade stone or the jade roller effect is a part of marble nail art.  

You need some different hues of green and white nail colors. Also adding a stash of gold will just give your nails that oh so perfect! Look.  




Image Courtesy:@riajadenails

If you are a sucker for a french manicure but are bored with the classic french nail look then try this marble french art that will jazz up your classic french mani.  

Play up with as many colors as you want and play up with them to get an amazing marble french manicure.  

Apply a sheer pink, beige, or flesh tone of nail color over the nail bed and scotch tape your bed of nails and dip the tip of nails in the marble water to get this amazing marble french.  



95378021_581824635791730_285679720405608186_nImage Courtesy:@riajadenails

Who else loves dark bold colors. Bold and dark colors are not just perfect for your outfits but can also dazzle up your nails.  

Pick up some dark shades of nail paint as such bottle green, navy blue, maroon, magenta, and the list is endless. Use gel nail paints for a glossy finish or just seal the marble art with a clear coat.  

Slay your bold marble nails with light-toned outfits.  



101565346_147341586904039_8937641963175225256_nImage Courtesy:@charsgelnails_

Less is more! This very basic rule can also be used while doing your nails. Adding a hint of gold to your marble art will just make it look better.  

Green marble nails or you can try marbling with any color and play it up with gold detailing at the base it is something everyone is going to notice.  

Use gel-based nail paint for the marble effect and detail it with gold foil nail paint and seal it with a clear coat and flaunt your minimalistic marble nail art with a hint of gold.  


93457151_3719776634761123_4079091000841979445_nImage Courtesy:@charsgelnails_

Pastels always make heads turn may it be your outfit, accessories, or nails. Making marble art with pastel nail paints will make you stand out.  

If you have never tried pastel shades on your nails this is the right time to do so not just the ordinary way but with a marble effect.  

Choose your favorite shades of pastels and make your nails look cute and artistic at the same time.  



81071161_601889810611778_4759430811185904065_nImage Courtesy:@__abigails_nails__

Even after looking at all these beautiful marble nail arts, you are still questioning yourself to try one on your nails. Then you can possibly try this variant of marble nail art.

Painting your 3 to 4 nails with solid nail paint and jazzing up your 1 nail with marble art to make it stand out is all you need to do. You can also add a foil gold detailing on the marbled nail to make pop out even more.  

There are endless possibilities and techniques to slay the marble nail art and give your nails a chic look.  

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