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9 Trendy Bright Nail Art Ideas for Summer 2021

Summer is well on its way and so are your beach plans. The cool sea breeze and hot sun rays are all that we crave for this summer. Now that it’s time to shift from winter nail art to summer nail art it’s the perfect time to pull the bright popping color polish out of the shelves as summers arent great if not colorful.

We have sorted out some amazing, trendy and bright nail art ideas that are easy to replicate and you won’t need to call for a nail artist to get your nails summer-ready. These DIY manicure ideas are all you need to try this summer and get your nails painted before it’s gloomy and dark again.

Conspicuous manicures are a great idea all year round but summers explicitly call out for brighter and louder colors to match the hot vibes. Let’s take a look at 9 trendy and bright nail art designs to flaunt your oh-so-perfect nails this summer.

1. Beachy Waves

summer nail art 2021

As a beach lover, the first thing that comes to my mind is the beach, sun, and loud waves. These beachy waves nail art design is ideal for summers if you love the beach just like me. To get this look you can file your nails in a pointed oval shape and choose a nude base shade to mimic beach sand and paint your nail tips with a blue and white marbling effect to resemble beach waves.

This simple yet elegant nail art can be your go-to choice for the next DIY nail session. You can pair this design with white apparel to enhance its look.

trendy summer nail art 2021

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2. Orange Sorbet

summer nail art 2021

Neons and summers go hand in hand and so does this orangy look. If you are in the mood to ditch all the sober shades this season and go wild, this is undoubtedly for you. You won’t have to empty your pockets to flaunt this nail art as it is easy to resemble and you can DIY it with just a few colors and tricks.

Pull out that popping neon orange shade out of your drawer and get painting. Coat your nails with matte polish and give a hint of miniature florals to complete this look.

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3. Daisy & Lilac

summer nail art 2021

Pastels are in this season, light hues of blue, pink, yellow, and green are a big yes to have a subtle yet minimal and elegant nail makeover. These lilac gel-coated nails topped up with little daisy details are to die for.

These nails will for sure give you a fresh and young look to rock at the beach for some tan time.

61AGzMJVVHS. SX425 The Pixie Life

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4. Tropical Fun

summer nail art 2021

Spring has sprung and hence it is the nonpareil time to get your nails done inspired by all the tropical and beachy elements. Zesty lime hues and flamingos and leaves are a big hit.

5. Cherry Sparkle

summer nail art 2021

You don’t always have to be overdressed to look perfect and this same goes for your nail makeovers. Simple and minimal nails arts can also steal the show if done the right way.

Transparent gel-coated nails with fruity cherry details and a hint of sparkle are all you need to.

6. Beachy Ombre

summer nail art 2021

Ombre shaded nails can never go out of style irrespective of what season of the year it is. Painting your nails with shades lined up from darker to lighter tones can be eye-catchy and aesthetic.

To attain this beachy ombre look start with a nude peach shade and finish it off with water blue shades on the tips.

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7. Shades of Pink

summer nail art 2021

This oh-so-pretty nail art should unquestionably be on your to-do list this summer. Summertime doesn’t always stand by shades of blues and yellows you can opt for pretty pink shades to make the manicure stand out.

This is the easiest nail art on the article that you can DIY and flaunt just by the comfort of your couch. Painting your every nail with a different hue of pink is all you got to do. Also if you don’t want to dig a hole in your pockets to buy all the shades of pink on the rack then just add an adequate amount of white or red to make the shade lighter or darker respectively.61G 8PgB8yS. SX679 The Pixie Life

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8. Jewelled Tropical

Summer nail art 2021

As we discussed earlier tropical prints with beach inspirations, flamingos, leaves, and tropical fruits are amazing to get done for your summer nail sessions but you can go extra and dazzle them up by gluing up some jewels to make your nails look extraordinary.

9. Lemon Squeeze

summer nail art 2021

When life gives you lemons make lemonade and when summers hit your way get your nails done with a squeeze of lemon. Fruity nail arts are cute and complement summers the right way. Try this simple zesty yellow minimal nail art and get back to squeezing some lemons to make lemonade for your summer party right away. 

That wall all about summer nail art inspiration for 2021. Take these pictures along with you for your next manicure session or DIY it at the comfort of your home, the choice is yours.


All the images used in the blog are taken from Pinterest and hence if it belongs to you kindly contact us for removal or credits.

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