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HELLO! Welcome to The Pixie life. My name is Khadija Deshmukh and I am an amateur DIGITAL MARKETER and a BEAUTY ENTHUSIAST. This is my first blog post and I am thrilled to share with you what THE PIXIE LIFE has to offer! The miscellany of ideas, How-to’s, facts, reviews, and inspiration related to beauty and lifestyle are ready to swoop out of my head. I wanted to start by illuminating about why I started this blog, my blog niche, the logic behind my blog name, what you will be seeing more of in my posts, and my perspective of beauty and lifestyle.


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The secret to getting ahead is to get STARTED and so to get ahead I decided to start with blogging. I love exploring skincare and makeup, burst the myths, try new things and I would love to share some tips and tricks to live a better lifestyle. I wanted to start blogging as I love being social and would love to reach out to as many people as I can and connect to the world through my words and ideas but before starting I had as many doubts as anyone else as standing on the starting line we are all cowards but to get over your fear is the first step of getting success and that’s what I did got over my fears and I decided to start blogging.


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The word NICHE is predominantly used in the digital world to describe specialization in any field, topic, stream, or context. NICHE gives you an idea of what explicitly a brand or business is all about and how it differentiates you from others. The NICHE of my blog is BEAUTY & LIFESTYLE. My posts will be all about enhancing the beauty and enriching lifestyle. OH WELL! Let me tell you I am not an expert and as it’s said the expert in anything was once a beginner and so am I and therefore I may make errors, grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes as it’s all-new for me so I hope you understand and bear with me throughout my journey.



cropped The Pixie Life Logo min 4 The Pixie LifeThe most pivotal part for a blogger is to select his/her blog name because that’s what you will be recognized for. It’s something you can’t keep amending now and then. One has to be very deliberate while choosing their blog name considering the SEO format to rank themselves on the internet you should avoid using numbers and special characters, avoid brand names and trademarks, the name should be short, precise and catchy and you should also consider tone and style of your blog. So why “THE PIXIE LIFE“? firstly let me tell you what the word “PIXIE” means, the meaning of the word “PIXIE” is a “FAIRY” yes you read that right it simply means a fairy and before you raise your eyebrows to let me clear you, I don’t call myself a fairy as pixie also means a cheerful mischievous sprite and petite vivacious woman and that’s how I would like to describe myself and that’s why I decided to name my blog as “THE PIXIE LIFE” as it will be all about the life of a petite vivacious woman. I hope you now have an answer to why I choose this name. So all you need is faith, trust and a little pixie dust and so I am here to shower some pixie dust on you with my words and try to make your lifestyle a bit easy with my upcoming posts so stay tuned


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As of now, you might have an idea of what my blog is all about and what my posts will be all about still I would like to elaborate it so you have a clear picture of my blog. As my niche is “BEAUTY & LIFESTYLE” my post will also be related to the same topic. I will be writing about skincare, makeup, fashion, styling, hairstyle, nails, diet, and fitness. I will also be personally using and trying products and reviewing it on my posts and therefore I would like to mention here that I have oily and acne-prone skin and therefore my reviews will be according to my skin type so girls out there with the same skin type cheers! You are at the right place to find the best match for your skin type. Hold on ladies I will also be reviewing and writing about products for all skin types and will also be sharing amazing tips and tricks for every skin type and tone so there is a little bit of everything for everyone at “THE PIXIE LIFE


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Beauty is not is face, skin type, skin tone but beauty is the light within your heart. We all know that in today’s world social media is a highlight reel. Don’t you wonder how someone’s life can be so PERFECT but it is not how it looks like it’s just people showing their best sides, their happy moments, their proud bits. But that’s not human it’s just sugar coating on the imperfections. Humans have vulnerabilities and softness and fears and hopes and emotions and fragility and apathy and cellulite and minds that have good days and bad days and ALL OF IT, humans have ALL OF IT. That’s human and that’s real life. For me, beauty is being comfortable and living in your skin and knowing and accepting who you are.
So let’s change the conversation. Especially RIGHT NOW at this moment when everything is so unpredictable and scary. Let’s dare to make this wild, turbulent world more positive. Whether It’s one post, one comment, one bit of great and powerful, and real rawness at a time. That’s how I see life and beauty and I am not here to dissect a rainbow or to deconstruct or scrutinize your beauty but to synthesize it with my words and a little bit of pixie dust.

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