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14 Myths about acne you should stop believing today itself.  


It is assessed that 80% of all the population will experience an acne breakout at some point in their life. Acne is termed to be a common and known skin condition that usually appears on the face, neck, and back.  

Though this inflammatory skin condition is very common, it is believed to be cured with particular treatments, habits, procedures, etc. and hence myths related to acne have developed in the course of time about how it occurs or is caused and how to get rid of it or heal it.  

It’s high time we find out the real story behind these myths but before that, it is crucial to understand what acne ac is.  

What is Acne?

There are thousands of definitions on the internet stating what Acne is, yet I would like to simply describe Acne in simple words before we start learning about the facts.  

Acne is red small tender bumps on the surface of the skin with white pus at their tips.  

It is usually caused due to clogged pores with dirt and grime. It is a chronic and inflammatory skin issue that leaves scars on the skin’s surface.  

Myths regarding curing acne have been passing down over the years, some of them if supposed or implied may backfire and even make the conditions worse. Watch Out!

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1. Adults barely get acne.

Acne usually occurs in the adolescent period due to changing hormones and puberty but it is not the only age or period for an individual to get acne.  

Studies show that adults in their 30’s and 40 also get acne for the first time. Hence it is not safe to say you won’t ever have acne if you did not get it in your teen years.  

2. Dirt causes acne  

Acne does not necessarily be caused by dirt or filth as frequently scrubbing and washing of face also leads to a pimple pop as it irritates the skin making the conditions worsen.  

3. Consuming chocolates worsen acne

Chocolates and junk food show minimal or no impact on acne. Studies show there is no direct connection between chocolates with acne.  

What you consume may affect the healing procedure of zits or pimples but they don’t cause it.    

4. Popping helps them disappear.  

Popping does no good to your skin but by way of contrast worsens it as popping leads to inflammation, skin irritation, and infections.  

5. Suntan clears up acne.  

portrait beautiful young asian woman happy smile relax around tropical beach sea ocean min The Pixie Lifeportrait beautiful young asian woman happy smile relax around tropical beach sea ocean min The Pixie Life


An adequate amount of Vitamin D does no harm to the skin but if exposed for a longer time may irritate the skin making conditions go downhill. Suntan will help cover up the acne and hide its appearance but won’t cure it.  

6. Acne will heal abstractedly.

Acne occurs due to hormonal changes at the stage of puberty and may heal on its own in adulthood. Acne is usually caused due to some reasons that are to find out respectively and relevant treatment is a must in order to cure them.  

Acne usually does not cure on its own and hence proper medication, care, and treatment are advisable.

7.   Wash your face 4 times a day.

Acne recovers better when uninterrupted physically. Washing your face once or twice is great however excessive washing and rubbing your face may disturb the skin and be harsh on acne as it carries away skin’s natural oils.  



8. Toothpaste acts as a spot treatment.

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This old-school remedy is a big no for drying up acne. Toothpaste is not a standard remedy for curing acne as it won’t woosh them away instead the ingredients it contains can lead to skin rashes and redness.  

It is believed that ingredients in toothpaste such as baking soda and hydrogen peroxide can dry the affected area but it is advisable to opt for a spot treatment such as pimple patches.  

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9. Folks with non-oily skin barely get acne.  

It is extensively believed that people with oily skin are most likely to have skin issues such as zits, blackheads, whiteheads, etc.  

It is no doubt a false statement as people with normal and dry skin also get acne it is precisely that oily skin people are more likely to have pimples than the rest of the skin types.  

10. Regular facials recuperate acne.  

Facials comprise scrubbing, exfoliating, massaging followed by face masks which reciprocally irritate the skin if having acne issues. Harsh scrubbing and massaging of the skin can lead to inflammation and lead to more acne breakouts.  

11. Makeup triggers acne.  

Makeup does not trigger acne or cause acne all in all nevertheless application of makeup can irritate inflamed areas and worsen the conditions but it does not generate acne.  

Existing pimples can intensify though if non-comedogenic makeup products are not used.  

12. Food intake has nothing to do with acne.  

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What you eat directly reflects on your health which is something we all agree to. Eating healthy and nutritious food does a great job in curing acne. Healthy food promotes a healthy lifestyle.  

Intake of greasy, junk, and spicy food can also trigger pimples.

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13. Cigarettes lead to acne generation.

Smoking can not be the reason for acne generation but can be responsible for worsening pimples and skin issues.    

14. Rubbing garlic dries up pimples.  

Garlic to cure acne is ruling all over the internet as it says that its ani bacterial and anti-fungal properties cure pimples and acne.  

Rubbing garlic doesn’t heal acne and in return, it also leads to skin burns, inflammation, and skin rashes. It is advisable to avoid rubbing garlic on active acne as it might make things worse.  

I hope by end of this article I have probably managed to burst old-school and viral acne myths that most of us have believed in some of our lives.  

Also, let us not forget that all skin types are beautiful. Acne is just a skin concern that should not impact our self-confidence. Acne as I mentioned earlier can definitely be cured with proper treatments or by indulging in a basic skincare routine that includes essential ingredients that help in healing acne issues.  

Do not forget to comment down below which of the above myths you believed and by which fact you are most amazed.  



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