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Top 7 Zesty Yellow Eyeshadow Looks You Should Try RN.

If you have never tried your hands on the striking yellow shades in your eyeshadow palettes, then I make sure this post will frantically make you try out a yellow eyeshadow look right away.  

You don’t need to get bold enough to slay a yellow eyeshadow look. All you have to do is get creative and apply it in the right mien.  

Adding a dash of yellow to your look can be challenging. Still, I go crazy when I see influencers slaying yellow from Instagram bloggers & influencers to celebrities on red carpets to well known MUAs, yellow eyeshadow looks have always made a statement.  

Yellow is a versatile color with ample shades that range from pastels to neons, and the best part you can slay yellow hue on every tone of skin from fair to the beautiful dark color.  

If you are fancying how to execute a zesty yellow shade on your eyes, scroll down and get your answer.  

Grab a tall glass of zesty iced lemonade and take a look at how you can slay strikingly pretty shades of yellow.

1. Yellow Ombre  


Top 7 Zesty Yellow Eyeshadow Looks You Should Try

If you can’t decide which shade of yellow to pick from your palette,   try this ombre yellow look.

 Start from the inner corner of your lids with the lightest shade and end it up with a darker shade making sure you blend it right. End up with a basic eyeliner stroke.  

Editor’s Tip: Conceal your inner corners to create an effect of a lighter shade of yellow.  


2. Line It Graphically.  



The graphic liner trend is in full swing this season. Take the vouge a pace higher and ditch the usual black with strongly pretty yellow shade.  

Try a graphic eyeliner look with yellow color or go for a double lid effect liner look.  

Swift the liner in the direction you want and make your lids a canvas and make them look like never before.  


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3. Hint Of Yellow



Are you getting your hands on yellow hue for the first time? Pin this look. This sober and straightforward minimal touch of yellow will change your eyeshadow game.  

Add a trace of yellow on the inner corners of your eyes and complete the look with an elongated deep black liner. Blow out your lashes with double coats of mascara, and you are off to slay.  

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4. Flip It Up.  



I just couldn’t take my eyes off this yellow look. How spectacularly is this look build-up altogether?  

Applying eyeshadow on our lids is what we all have been doing for ages. How about flipping it down?  

This glossy blush lids with a bright, zesty tone of yellow eyeshadow on the bottom line and inner corners with false lashes will for sure be your go-to eyeshadow look.    

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5. Blurred Out Yellow



The most basic eyeshadow looks you can do just smudging some eyeshadow on your lids and topping it up with eyeliner. So, why not yellow?  

If you are a beginner and want to experiment with yellow, here is what you need to try.  


6. Yellow Lining


Top 7 Zesty Yellow Eyeshadow Looks You Should Try

Are you done with the basic black eyeliners? Well, top it up with a yellow one.  

We have been doing the single liner look all our life, and now its time to step up the liner game.  

 Use a yellow eyeliner to double line the lids with some hint of yellow on the inner corners.


7. Dripping Doodle



Bring the artist in you to life. Drop the natural eyeshadow looks and get artistic with your work.  

Use yellow for some doodle eyeliner looks. Base your eyelids with warmer tones and create a dripping effect with yellow eyeliner or eyeshadow and line it up with black.  


Voila! You just learned some out of the box strikingly pretty yellow eyeshadow looks.  

Enjoy a glass of zesty iced lemonade with your eyes painted yellow. Just too perfect, isn’t it?  

Image Courtesy: @Pinterest

Main Image Courtesy: @Pinterest

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