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TOP 9 Beauty Bloggers you should follow in 2021.

We’re all shrouded by the internet, gadgets, social media, and basically, everything that connects us to the world. Internet exposure is a boon! Can you imagine a single day without internet access? Well, I cannot. It’s safe to say that we have the world under our fingertips. It is so effortless now to connect to anybody in any corner of the world.  

Saying all that everybody looks up to someone or the other may it be someone around you, on big screens, on social media, or on blogs. And having the internet by your side it’s easy as ABC. There is an end number of influencers on the internet you can follow.  

Being a beauty blogger and lifestyle blogger I got inspired in so many ways from the following beauty bloggers that I have mentioned I hope it helps you too. But before I list top beauty bloggers down let’s discuss some basic questions.

The first question that comes to our mind is- Is blog and website different?   Let me elucidate it to you.

 Websites are pages or aggregates of pages on the World Wide Web(WWW) that comprises of information by a particular individual or entity under a registered domain name. Websites are mostly formal in nature that renders information about any business, company, or individual. Websites are not often updated and have still information.

Whereas on the other hand blogs are like an online personal journal or diary. Blogs are informative but in an informal manner. Blogs are written by writers or groups of writers that mostly provide you with information related to their personal life and personal experiences on particular topics. Blogs are more often than websites.  

Blog posts appear in reverse chronological order, the recent post appears first on the blog. You can surf through various categories on the blog or browse through old post entries. Blogs are like rocks of Gibraltar.


Beauty bloggers have oodles of knowledge related to hair, makeup, skincare, nails, fitness, diet, fashion, lifestyle, outfits, beauty and personal care products, and pretty much about everything that comes under the term BEAUTY.  

Beauty bloggers write about their personal experiences related to products and services they try or use. They not only give ideas about products but also dole out sweet parts of their lives.

Beauty bloggers are always there to share information about any literally any topic that falls under the term beauty and the best part they are brutally honest about what experiences they had with the product or service and hence you will rarely be misled.


Is your bestie not free or is not replying to your calls and messages when you really need that style or beauty tip? You might be wondering why am I asking this question to you. Well no matter what outfit you wanna wear, what kind of jewelry you want to pair with it, what makeup look you wanna opt for, what hairstyle you wanna try, you always like always need someone to suggest you because the advice is always welcome isn’t it?

And at such times if your bestie relinquished you worry not hover over to the websites and social media accounts I have mentioned below because beauty bloggers are always there to get out of such situation and hopefully, you will end up with some amazing unique ideas to try on.


Blogging has evolved these days. Bloggers are not throttled to websites anymore. Influencers these days have adopted new ways of communication online.  

Social media has surely become one of the most loved online platforms for almost everybody nowadays. Connecting through social media handles or video streaming is in vogue for beauty bloggers.  

Beauty bloggers now virtually hitch to their followers through social media handles like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, youtube, and many more. They also virtually demonstrate how to do makeup, skincare, use products, style up your outfits, dress your hair and the list is neverending.

Not only they are influencing followers on social media but they also have a substantial amount of followers who binge-watch beauty bloggers tutorials.

 If you want to know more about bloggers on social media, mention it in the comment section down below.

1.Kritika Khurana [thatbohogirl].

Screenshot (4)Kritika Khurana or popularly known as the “boho girl” had to be on the top list of beauty bloggers and fashion bloggers as she deserves every bit of it. Kritika Khurana a 26-year-old resplendent lady from India runs a famous blog with the name “THATBOHOGIRL”. This lady in all likelihood has got the cutest smile among my list of top beauty bloggers.

She calls herself an introvert and claims to have been a   socially awkward kid all her life. She started blogging at the age of 20 as a hobby as she thought its the best way to express her emotions and love for fashion.  

Screenshot (3)She started her blog in 2014 and posted pictures and wrote articles about fashion, outfits, makeup, and lifestyle. She received many offers from top brands of beauty and fashion industry.  

She won 2 COSMO awards in 2019 along with which she has also started her own clothing line back in 2019 which had great success in the market as 80% of her collection was sold just in the first month of the launch. She has also been featured in many famous magazines. She is best known for flaunting the bohemian fashion genre at its best.  

Do check out her blog “THATBOHOGIRL” and do subscribe.

“Thatbohogirl” or Kritika Khurana not only writes beautifully on her blog but also have tremendous fan following among beauty bloggers on social media handles.

Screenshot (5)She has over 834k followers on Instagram. (one of the most followed Instagram page among my top beauty bloggers list)

If you want to watch what she does in life and get some beauty, fashion, and lifestyle tips head over to her youtube channel which has over 261k subscribers!

Or you can follow “thatbohogirl” on Facebook which has around 46k followers.

Also do not miss checking out her twitter account which has got over 4k followers.


 2.Debashree Banerjee.

Screenshot (7)Debashree Banerjee this 28-year-old Assamese beauty has a graven image on her blog, social media handles, and youtube channel. Born to a Hindu brahmin family.  

She started blogging back in September 2012. She runs a blog in her own name[Debashree Banerjee]. She has a degree in B.Sc. biotechnology. Though having a degree in biotechnology she chose to blog about makeup, skincare, fashion, and lifestyle.  

Screenshot (8)She is a very popular face on youtube. Debashree Banerjee came across youtube in 2008 and decided to choose is as a platform to showcase her talent and interest in fashion and makeup. She started her youtube channel in her name [Debashree Banerjee]   on 23 august 2009. She is one of the most cutest beauty bloggers in India.

She has also achieved the ‘Cosmopolitan India best beauty blogger’ award. If you ever awe what to put in your shopping cart head over to her social media accounts, youtube channel, and her blog to get reviews and tips about products you wish to buy and I assure you will not be let down as she gives honest reviews about makeup, skincare, and personal care products. I hope it helps you find the best products to put in your shopping bag so that you spend wisely.

Screenshot (9)Debashree Banerjee has over 264k followers on Instagram. Do check out her account and you will come across some elite photographs of her.

She has over 12.8k followers on twitter. (One of the most followed twitter account among my top beauty bloggers list)

Also, check her out on Facebook. She has over 31.5k followers on Facebook.

I advise you not to miss hindering her youtube channel. You are for sure going to get some spectacular tips related to beauty. She has over 249k subscribers.


3.Vasudha Rai [Vbeauty].

Screenshot (10)Vasudha rai runs a blog in the name [Vbeauty]. She has been writing on health and beauty for the past 15 years. Vasudha Rai describes herself as a health-obsessed,   product junkie, cosmetic hoarder, and beauty expert.

She makes sure to endow you with the best expert advice on makeup and beauty products as she has a magnificent network of dermatologists, makeup artists, nutritionists, and yoga gurus.  

Vasudha Rai is the former Beauty Director of leading women’s magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, and women’s health in India.  

 Vasudha rai is a beauty communist with THE HINDU and regularly contributes to publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Elle, and HT MINT. Vasudha Rai is a certified yoga teacher and teaches at the yoga studio, New Delhi.

The best thing about her blogs that I personally adore is her short and sweet blogs. Yes, blogs are habitually lengthy but the blogs on Vbeauty are really short easy to read but will provide you with lots of knowledge.  

Do check out her blog Vbeauty for some amazing tips on products and services

personally tried by Vasudha. According to me, she is one of the knowledgeable beauty bloggers.

Screenshot (13)

She is certified on Instagram with 27.9k followers.

Check out her Youtube channel.

Also, check out her twitter account which has over 600 followers.


4.Ankita Chaturvedi [Corralista].

Screenshot (14)Ankita Chaturvedi or more popularly known as [Corallista] is a 27-year-old alluring lady who runs a blog in the name Corallista. She is an Indian beauty currently living in Mumbai.    

She is an alumni of IIT Bombay, India. Holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Technology. She has also completed an advanced degree in engineering. Ankita Chaturvedi commenced her blog [Corallista] in January of 2011. She is the only engineer in my top beauty bloggers list.

Screenshot (17)She also has a Youtube Channel in conjunction with her blog. She started her Youtube channel on 27 September 2011. She is not only a beauty and makeup enthusiast but also an animal lover.

She is famous for her skincare articles and youtube videos. She writes and posts videos like makeup tutorials, hauls, what I do in a day, skincare products I use, how to style and color hair and the list goes on and on. She does not just give justice to the term beauty but she also makes videos on body positivity and personal growth.

If you have fair skin and wonder what lipstick to spend on the time you shop do not miss reading her blog and watch her lipstick swatches video on her youtube channel [Corallista]. You will for sure end up buying some good makeup and skincare products.

Screenshot (15)She is not just famous for her blog but also has a great fan following on social media among beauty bloggers. She is certified on Instagram with over 267k followers.

I tell you not to miss browsing her youtube channel. She has a certified youtube channel with 681k subscribers. (One of the most subscribed channels among my top beauty bloggers list)

Also, go through her twitter account that has about 12k followers.

Check her Facebook account which has over 137k followers. ( On of the most-followed page on Facebook among my top beauty bloggers list)


5.Akanksha Redhu.

Screenshot (18)Akanksha Redhu born on 27 March 1988, is a 32-year-old   Indian personal style blogger who embarked on self-titled fashion and lifestyle blog 2010. Akanksha Redhu graduated from the National Institute of Fashion and Technology in 2008 with a degree in fashion design. She asserts that she started the blog as an interesting means of noting, expressing her ideas, projects, and daydreams. It constantly evolved and become more fashion and lifestyle-oriented.

Her blog is categorized into parts like fashion & lifestyle, travel, luxury, beauty, events, media, and shop. You can hover over on the categories to get what you are looking for. I have put her on 5th in my Top Beauty bloggers list.

Screenshot (19)She has also collaborated with brands like Bvlgari, Calvin Klein, Bobbi Brown, Dior, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, and many more. She also has a Tumblr blog [shineguide].  

You can also shop from her favorite sites in the shop category.  

Her love for luxurious products is insane. You are for sure going to fall in love with this dusky beauty with short hair. She is also renowned on social media handles so do not miss to check them out.

Screenshot (20)She is certified on Instagram with over 180k followers.  

She is also certified on twitter with around 9k followers.


6.Gia Kashyap [Giasaysthat].

Screenshot (21)Gia Kashyap is a beauty blogger and fashion who was born on 9 May 1992.   An interesting fact about her is that she started a youtube channel back in 2009 but as it wasn’t much popular back then she shifted to blogging.

She started blogging in 2010 as a hobby to pen down her thoughts, ideas, and post some outfit pictures. At the age of 21, she becomes a fashion columnist. She has worked with some of the biggest brands in the industry. Her blog has turned out to be one of the most influential fashion blogs in India.  

Screenshot (22)Her blog is amiably categorized in parts like lookbook, makeup&beauty, travel, lifestyle, career, events, reviews but my favorite out of all is the pennywise category that has blog pots about accessories, outfits, shopping on a budget interesting isn’t it?

She also has a page saying [GIAGOESTO] where she has mapped down what all places she has traveled to.  

She has a certified Instagram account with over 147k followers.

She is also famous on social media. She is certified on Facebook with over 34k followers.  

She has a certified twitter account with over 9k followers.

Also, check out her youtube channel to get reviews about products u may think to buy off. She has 6.53k subscribers.  

Screenshot (23)Check her Instagram account which is also certified with over 148k followers.

7.Aashna Shroff [TheSnobJournal].

Screenshot (24)Born on 4 august 1993, this 26-year-old is Mumbai based beauty blogger. She has done a course in interior design and photography. She has also pursued a degree in fashion from the London College of Fashion. After pursuing a degree in fashion she started an online store on Facebook called [TheSnobShop].  

Screenshot (25)Aashna Shroff started blogging when she was 20 years of age (The youngest beauty bloggers among my top beauty bloggers list). The name of her blog was an extension of her online store [TheSnobJournal]. Her blog has everything about fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and travel. She has achieved the title of ‘Cosmopolitan Most Engaging Influencer 2019′.  

She is probably the cutest beauty bloggers and fashion blogger you will come across. Read and check out her blog and you will come across some phenomenal pictures of hers doing what she loves the most ‘fashion and beauty’.  

Screenshot (26)Aashna Shroff has a certified Instagram account with 755k followers.  

Subscribe to her youtube channel that is certified and has 177k subscribers.

She also has a Facebook account with 6k followers.

Check hr twitter account that has over 6k followers,

8.Pallavi Ruhail [ThatDelhiGirl].

Screenshot (27)Pallavi Ruhail started blogging in June 2013 in the name ‘ThatDelhiGirl‘ or more popularly known as TDG. I call her the ‘Dr. Blogger’ as she is a doctor by profession. She mostly writes about fashion, travel, food, and makeup and beauty on her blog.

I personally find her blog very intriguing and eye-catchy. Her blog page is very well structured and will not mess up your mind. I love her theme as it’s so appealing that it will surely make you stop and click. She has put the most appealing theme among top beauty bloggers list.

Screenshot (28)If you are that person who loves to gander into someone’s life this blog is just for you as it will give you a sweet glimpse of Pallavi Ruhail’s life.

9.Shreya Jain.

Screenshot (29)As I mentioned above that in this day and age blogging is not just scanted to blog websites as people now have developed a lot of interest in social media and prefer giving their eyes a virtual treat of pictures and videos. Therefore I tried to lastly mention a social media beauty influencer in my top beauty bloggers list.

Shreya Jain started her youtube channel back on 28 August 2010 and this lady has never stopped ever since. Her youtube channel has over 594k subscribers.

If you ever wish to recreate any celebs look or just want to try your hand on new skincare or makeup products do check her youtube channel is has a lot to offer about anything that comes under the term beauty.

Screenshot (30)She is also well known on Instagram where she shares her makeup looks, reviews, skincare tips and so much more. Shreya Jain is certified on Instagram with 368k followers.  



I hope the above list of beauty bloggers help you with any query or tip related to beauty, makeup, and fashion. Let me know in the comment section below if you find my blog informative and helps you in any manner. Also, let me know in the comments if you would like to read more about social media influencers as I will list the best out of them if you want me to do so.  

If anything written above is inappropriate or false according to you feel free to contact me through my email id:   and also let me know if you have any additional information about the above bloggers.  

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